Jewelry inlaid 2-in-1 index finger ring hand ornament

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The interlocking gold and bronze hands held stones.The stone is hidden when it’s worn. Only for your secret. Ideal for wedding ring, friendship ring as well as just for your pleasure.

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    The Rings I’m Tempted to Buy

    The metal is solid 925 sterling silver or 9k gold. The stones are top quality created diamond. They are brilliant as real diamond

    What is 925 Sterling Silver ? 

    Pure silver is 100% fine silver, and is very soft. Easily reshaped and damaged, it is commonly combined with other metals to produce a more durable jewelry. The most popular silver jewelry is sterling silver, which consists of 92.5 % silver and 7.5 % copper.

    What is Rhodium Plated?

    Rhodium is a very expensive metal in the platinum precious metals group. Rhodium Plated is the best way to prevent tarnish and discolor. It looks more bright and shiny under most conditions. Rhodium plating can increase the beauty of Silver Jewelry and White Gold Jewelry . Many world famous brand jewelers also use Rhodium Plating for the precious metal like white gold.

Ring Size Instruction

If you have an existing ring:

  1. Measure the diameter (mm) of a ring that fits the desired finger.
  2. Check Below Ring Size to locate your size.

If not, measure your finger:

  1. Wrap a strip of paper around your finger, just above the knuckle, and mark the point at which the two ends meet.
  2. Measure the paper from mark to mark to find your ring circumference (mm).
  3. Check Below Ring Size to locate your size.
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5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


Silver, Gold

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